Wazup.  Earth kingdom reclaimed by paradise planning.

Millenial Vision.


Heerein a gameplan for collective victory.






Things to work on.


  1. Root Transplant.  Change your core beliefs about reality.  Totally re-plant a new base to your thought system.  This trickles into a metamorphosis of downstream surface thinking, emotions, chemicals, electromagnetic realities.  Opens up possibilities.  Morphs your reality.  Upgrade.
  2. Healing Old Issues.  Reclaiming that Inner Child.  That tail wag.  Processing body issues and psychology knots.  Old energy blocks undone.  Floodgates open for the life force.  Your personal transmuting of the old belief system into the new.  Related thoughts, emotions, body responses – alchemized, shifted.  Attuning to the new you.
  3. Jungle Juice / Earth Nectar.  Regaining your creaturehood, your body, your instincts, your in love with natureness, your basic sexuality.  Energetic Flow.  Connection.
  4. Galactic Higher Intelligence.  Downloads.  Dreamtime.  Higher Selves.  Knowing the future.  Plugging into the grid.  Riding the wave.  Multi-dimensionally informed – being a multi-presence.
  5. Energy Body in a Free Will Environment.  Exchange.  Balance.  Charging.   Clearing.  Fighting.
  6. Holy Intent.  That highest aim.  Buddhist compassion.  Christian forgiveness and grace.  But also flipping tax tables.  Not running from the war you came to play.
  7. Artist’s Helper.  Left Hand.  Highest Purpose.  Creativity.  Play.  Spontaneus fountain.  Moving Sideways – upticking into the new you.
  8. Envisioning Future Systems.  Transmuting the world around you.  Erecting the new.  Holding down the Golden Age in a physical armada.
  9. Helping Others Fly.  Holding the field.  Energetic Battles – insistent Victory.  Relentless charge.