1:1 In Person Body Coach

We start with a mapping of the body.  I will do a myofascial pull on each of your apendages and your head.  I’ll do a read into the physiology and energy patterns within the body, to the best of my ability.  From their we’ll work on a plan to remove any blockages.  I will do some body work to assist and we’ll discuss work you can do on your own.   We’ll move on to functional movement and tai chi.  Leaving you with the ability to perform high quality self defense, use your base with strength, express yourself through movement, know your energy body, and be a ninja of the jedi order.

Long Term Health Coach

Easy enough.  We work together on your progress.  This is not very difficult.  In time you will want to move onto the next phase, which is necessary for full on health achievement.  Why?  You’ll want your ‘juju’ activated.  Your energy turned on.  And this is a spiritual project.

1:1 Spiritual Sparring Partner

The reason I don’t call this coach is because often the answers are in you and not in me.  Although I do sometimes recieve direct insight from ‘the ether’ or your higher selves.  In general this is about mapping your life progress and working on issues.  It is beneficial to work with a coach because they are not as emotionally involved in your blocks, and are thus sometimes helpful in calling the right things to your attention.

Body Worker

Like massage but with intention for energetic release of blocks and a self-development progression.  For this I draw on training in this lifetime from an amazing bodyworker in the Integral Bodywork school as well as lifetimes spent doing this in other times and places.  I use a mixture of strength and sensitivity to work with your body and with your soul in gaining release.  I aim for full energy flow in your system.  Often I receive information related to your life growth in general, as the body and your life path are intimately related.  I aim for posture improvements as well.  Also deepening of awareness.  I mix in some shamanism and some galactic spirituality at times when called for.

Kickboxing Coach

Fun and simple, I am the ‘worlds fastest’ martial arts coach.  Not sure if that is true but in general I am able to teach a lot very quickly.  Especially I work to get the fighter in you to come through – the version of you who is big and powerful.  Inviting that forward quickly, then working to refine technique.  I should mention this is fun.  Did I already mention that?  Ha, I am fun.  Wait, I am intense.  Move bigger!  Kill me.  I will kill you first haha!  Like a Cat, a ninja Cat.

Genious Buddy

Do you have a business problem to solve?  I am aware of the future trajectory of our planet and the root issues at play.  I am useful for springboarding ideas.  I am creative and thoughtful and compassionate.  I care.  I am your friend.  I am supportive.  I am honest.  I assist.